Friday 29 August 2014

Barbon Walk

There is a lovely old track called Fellfoot Road running north and south from Fell Road just near Barbon. We parked at the junction where the lane crosses Fell Road (Grid ref. 635 795 on Pathfinder map no. 628). Confusingly, the signpost on the track  says "Wandales Lane" , however on the O.S. map the Roman Road from Casterton to Cowan Bridge is called "Wandales". No matter, there is great fun to be had climbing in and out of the Andy Goldsworthy sheepfolds.
Fellfoot Road

This sign  should be Fellfoot Road perhaps

Andy Goldsworthy sheepfold 


and another

watching paragliding on Barbon Fell

heather in bloom on the moor

beautiful curved stone wall

Brownthwaite Plant Nursery

Churchmouse Cheeses

Barbon Inn
Sheepfold on Barbon-Dent road ( builder unknown )

Walk towards Whelprigg Hall , wander up the fells  , have tea at Barbon at Churchmouse Cheeses or Barbon Inn and why not visit Brownthwaite plants nearby. For another description of this walk see Christopher Somerville

Friday 15 August 2014

Back streets of Kirkby Lonsdale

Horse Market

Looking towards fells of Barbon

"Plato's" Restaurant

Wednesday 6 August 2014


In flight (photo courtesy of Anand Prasad)
The perfect habitat for our resident curlews
Being evasive

 keeping an eye open when protecting the young against predators

just glimpsed amongst the rushes near our farm track

Sunday 3 August 2014

Hay Time

Gathering in the hay before clouds unleash their downpour

Almost there....

Roeburnscar in the background

Ready for the "Shed of the Year" competition