Saturday 22 August 2015

A Lucky Escape

Just after the baler broke down, we found a hedgehog curled up in the hay, oblivious to the impending danger. As luck would have it, it waddled off instead of being part of a hay bale!!
Also saved by the baler breaking, was a toad....

Getting in the last bales before the rain
Empty bumble bee nests found in last year's hay--a perfect insect hotel!!!

Monday 17 August 2015

The Flat

Louise's painted slates and tree roses out at the back of the sitting room (photo courtesy of Jules Howarth)

Louise's painted stones (photo courtesy of Jules Howarth)

The Leck Beck walk and remains of Celtic Settlement

Start at Leck grid reference 643766 and take the public footpath along Leck Beck

Leck Beck footpath

Deep wooded valley looking towards Bull Pot (potholing country)

Going up to Castle Hill-the Celtic Settlement remains

View westwards from the top showing it has a good vantage point over the surrounding area 

Remains of large circular ditch grid ref. 651779
 The site is a circular defensive area built by the Celtic tribe Brigantes and built large thatched round houses see Alan Wellburn's book "Leck, Cowan bridge and the Brontes".
From Alan Wellburn's book

Onwards to the fells of Leck and potholing country.