Saturday, 29 November 2014

Walk around Cowdber , Overtown and Burrow

On this short walk we found glimpses of the course of the Roman road which in part can be walked along (Professor Alan R. Wellburn's booklet "Leck, Cowan Bridge and the Brontes")
After leaving Woodman's Lane SD 620751 go towards Cowdber Farm --ber is Old English for hill -and continue on the public footpath .

After Cowdber ,although the public footpath goes straight on where it crosses the course of the Roman road, you can turn left onto the Roman road course and follow it all the way to Overtown . The raised ground "agger"in the photo may be the remains

Although not marked as public the footpath looks well used and

you will pass a small holding with goats, ducks and chickens

the view here is a glimpse to the northeast of Ingleborough from the track

still visible here, the old track leads eventually to Overtown where there is a parish boundary stone on the inside verge just by the corner of the road between Garghylle Dyke farm and Overtown which is an original Roman milestone, much reduced in height and hidden beneath much ivy on the right after leaving the track and getting onto the tarmac,

depression in field possibly part of the course

Before the ford/bridge at Overtown SD629763 there is a stile into a manicured garden but it is still a public footpath and this goes to Cowan Bridge

Cross the bridge over the Leck and then turn left onto the public footpath through fields towards Burrow Hall

looking back towards the fells

you might see a donkey

Towards Burrow Hall there are many stone wall remnants and archaeological remains like this above . Burrow Hall has the remains of a Roman fort (Calacvm) in it's grounds ,unfortunately not accessible, but you can glimpse the small ravine above Leck Beck to the left of the track where the east wall was.

Iron implement wheels on the wall of Burrow Hall farm which you will pass before turning left onto the tarmac of the A683

Burrow bridge over the Leck

Back onto turf after turning left onto the footpath along the Leck towards Woodman's Lane--the Roman remains would be to the left of the photo.